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About the Kakhovka dam

Today, the attention of all of us is focused on the damage to the Kakhovka dam. It is obvious that these events will lead to consequences for the environment: some areas will be flooded, in some places the bottom of the reservoir will be exposed. However, we will not be able to analyze the situation…

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Aid from UNCG staff to Armed Forces and civilian

In addition to helping wildlife during the war, UNCG employees are involved into the help to nature conservation institutions that are in the battles’ zone and members of our organization, natural scientists who are currently protecting Ukraine in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces. This job is done by the head of our expert…

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Russia uses the international base of nature conservation areas to legalize its stay on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

In the international database of protected areas (WDPA), the Russian Federation entered data on “Russian protected areas” within Ukraine. For example, in this global database, information about the “Charivna Gavan” national natural park (please note that the name of the NPP is actually Ukrainian) looks like this: In the same form, all caring people…

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The evacuation of the unique herbarium, which was collected by scientists of the Kherson State University for more than 50 years, took place!

The second operation to save the herbarium in 100 years was successful (the first, by the way, took place at Kharkiv University during the Second World War). This would not have happened without our colleagues from UNCG, professors of Kherson State University Ivan Moisienko and Oleksandr Khodosovtsev. “When we were still in occupied Kherson, in…

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