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What will we lose if we rebuild the Kakhovka HPS?

Today is the anniversary of Kakhovka tragedy. Last year, on the 6 th June the Russian troops carried out another terrorist attack blowing up the dam of the Kakhovka HPS. The war crime of the invaders led to catastrophic consequences for people and nature. However, there is a flip side of this disaster. The Velykyi…

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We have conducted our “Environmental Communication” training courses

We are sure that professional communication strengthens the activities of conservationists. So, we decided to hold an event where representatives of the nature reserve fund would be able to learn the development of communication strategies, implementation of information campaigns and work with changing the behavior of target audiences. We and our Czech partners delivered several…

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Does nature help to restore the Velykyi Luh?

Velykyi Luh (that means a great meadow) was artificially flooded by the communist authorities during the construction of the Kakhovka Reservoir in the 1950s. This is one of the most important natural and historical landscapes of Ukraine. After the Russians blew up the Kakhovka HPS dam, this territory ceased to be a reservoir. Currently, many…

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New sanctuaries have been established in Odessa region on our application!

The Odesa Regional Council has announced the establishment of 3 local landscape sanctuaries. Last year we submitted the application for their creation. The total area of the sanctuaries is over 635 hectares. Congratulations to everyone involved in this joyful achievement! There are some words about sanctuaries: Landscape sanctuary “Kolo Gleya” (45 hectares). The protected area…

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