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The evacuation of the unique herbarium, which was collected by scientists of the Kherson State University for more than 50 years, took place!

The second operation to save the herbarium in 100 years was successful (the first, by the way, took place at Kharkiv University during the Second World War). This would not have happened without our colleagues from UNCG, professors of Kherson State University Ivan Moisienko and Oleksandr Khodosovtsev. “When we were still in occupied Kherson, in…

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The Botanical Garden of Dnipro University needs help!

Because of the war, the Ministry of Education and Science is able to finance only the educational process. So, in the Botanical Garden at the university there was talk of reducing the number of workers, who were already in short supply. The area of the garden is 27.5 hectares. All these hectares require constant care.…

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How was the Drevlyan Reserve affected by russian aggression?

The Drevlyan nature reserve is located in the Narodytska community on land contaminated by radionuclides after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Two years ago, it suffered from large-scale forest fires, and this year – from the Russian invasion. -Due to shelling, 2,100 hectares of the reserve were burned. The pine trees planted…

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Militarization of Crimea. An infographic

For the last eight years, Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and its unique biological diversity have been under occupation. Over that time, its landscape has been actively used for military training. Since February 2022, it has served as a springboard for the military invasion. All of these factors have had a negative impact on the environment. UWEC…

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