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How legal chaos can harm the nature of Ukraine

New amendments to the legislation of Ukraine give local authorities the right to plow any agricultural land. At the same time, lawmakers have “forgotten” that many steppes and meadows of nature reserves also have the status of agricultural land. And according to the law “On the nature reserve fund”, the lands within the NPF remain…

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Helping environmentalists at war!

Our colleague, environmentalist, herpetologist and serviceman in the 113th separate brigade of the Territorial defense (Kharkiv region) Andriy Tupikov: Before the war, I was engaged in public activities, tried to resist violations of environmental legislation, engaged in anti-corruption activities in the environmental sphere, contributed to the development of nature reserves in Ukraine. I also collaborated…

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Green Reconstruction of Ukraine: Position of Civil Society

Over the last few weeks, the President of Ukraine repeatedly voiced in his speeches and during press conferences the ideas of post-war reconstruction of the country: from patronage of Ukrainian cities by European powers to facilitating business and digitalization. Also recently, on April 21st, a presidential Decree established the National Council for the Reconstruction of…

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Flood carries agrochemicals to Kyiv water supply system!

Incredibly generous water on Ukrainian rivers this spring was useful to the defenders of our state and stopped a large number of enemy vehicles stuck in the swamps or unable to cross the river. The flood in Irpen restrained the attack on Kyiv, and the floods on the Siverskiy Donets still give Ukrainians a head…

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News from Ukrainian forests Issue #1, 09 May, 2022

News from Ukrainian forests Issue #1, 02 May, 2022 Contacts: Yehor Hrynyk, “Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group”, [email protected]   Our country is at war. But vested interests in Ukraine are cynically using the conflict to water down environmental controls.  ___ Over 30 Ukrainian NGOs demand passing environmental laws which are essential for successful European integration.  Environmental…

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Help the environmentalists at war!

I have been working as an environmental lawyer for 20 years. For a long time I was engaged in the preservation of natural rivers in Ukraine. These ecosystems are almost the most endangered. We worked to stop their pollution and construction of dams. At one time in the Carpathians it was planned create an EU…

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