Starting from the end of 2017, Ukraine adopted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure, already functioning in many countries of the world over the years. The EIA is a great opportunity for the society, as the procedure allows considering interests of stakeholders prior to the construction of a power plant, timber extraction and dozens of other activities that have a significant impact on the environment.


Participation in EIA

Experts from our organization were involved in more than sixty EIA procedures throughout 2018-2019 for a variety of projects with activities ranging from logging to power plant construction and mineral extraction. By providing expert guidance and expertise, many potentially environmentally harmful industrial projects were banned or restricted. As example of our impact on unsustainable practices in forestry throught EIA, 15 forest managing entities were restricted or prohibited from logging in the most valuable natural forests.


Monitoring EIA outcomes

A variant of completing the EIA procedure is the granting of certain restrictions for further activities from authorities. And to affirm effectiveness of such measures, we not only take part in the EIA procedure, but also follow compliance with the requirements mandatory to conduct following the procedure.


Outreach activities

Efficient EIA procedure is a result of active public participation especially from the academic and professional community. Therefore, our work centers on promotion of public participation through consultations and activities aimed to involve stakeholders in EIA procedure


Plans for development

A quality and effective work of the EIA mechanism becomes possible with the availability of proper regulatory documents, governing the procedure, along with extensive stakeholder involvement. These two areas can be priorities in our further development.