We are Ukrainian NGO aimed to consolidate efforts of experts and scientists to protect Biodiversity and support the network of Protected Areas in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (UNCG) was founded in 2014 by a team of nature conservation practitioners. In 2018, UNCG acquired the official status of a non-profit public organization.

The Organization plays a leading role in the establishment of protected areas, biodiversity monitoring and promotion of sustainable use of natural resources. Over the past six years, at least a half of all protected areas established in Ukraine had UNCG members among the authors of scientific justifications or were actively supported by its members.

% Conservation areas
in country were created with our participation for the last 6 years
Protected forests with our participation
Protected grasslands and steppes with our participation
Protected wetlands with our participation
Nature conservation scientific materials elaborated
Emerald Network Sites approved

Our Mission:

Consolidation of efforts of scientists, experts and public activists for the conservation of biodiversity, establishment of protected areas, and implementation of international environmental legislation in Ukraine.

Our Vision:

Effective nature conservation to become a priority and an absolute standard in society.

Our Values:

Fair and independent implementation of our professional knowledge for biodiversity conservation.

Areas of our work

Nature reserves

Establishment of the new protected areas and support for the existing ones, participation in legislative activities in the field of nature conservation.

Forest conservation

Conservation of biodiversity-rich forests, promotion of sustainable forest management, identification of illegal and unsustainable forestry activities.

Environmental impact assessment

Monitoring of projects harmful to biodiversity, participation in the environmental impact assessment, promotion of the biodiversity-friendly environmental impact statements.


Collection, assessment, and spatial analysis of data on rare species and habitats for the nature conservation purposes. Popularization of the biodiversity topic and modern methods of its research.

Emerald Network

Establishment and monitoring of the Emerald Network sites on both national and pan-European levels.


Tetiana Shamina,
Press Officer
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Email: [email protected]

NGO “Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group”
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Mailing address:

40 Hoholya street, Vasylkiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08600

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