Monitoring of lily (Lilium martagon L.) spreading in Ukraine

Lily belongs to vascular plants, angiosperms, Liliaceae family. This is the most northern lily species that have rather stretched natural habitat from Portuguese to higher Lena River. Lily is the only representative of its species that growth wild at the territory of Ukraine. Occasionally it encounters in the Polissia and Forest-Steppe regions, very rare in the Steppe zone, more often in Carpathians. It requires complex protection in these regions. Lilies grow in broad-leaved and mixed forests mostly on clearings and margins.

Lily belongs to potentially endangered plants because of fast loss of its natural habitat and number of populations caused by human activity. That is why this species are protected under the Red Book of Ukraine (1994). It is also under protection in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and Nature Reserve “Roztochchia”, the Carpathian National Nature Park, in some protected areas.

That is why it is needed to establish a monitoring program for lily in Ukraine. Data on spreading is limited, sometimes data are absent. To develop appropriate measures for protection, it is needed to control the state of known populations.

Therefore, we start the program of monitoring of lily in Ukraine that could be supported by anyone who finds this plant in wild nature.

To participate this program, please read the information about lily on our web-site and fill the questionnaire about its locations you found. The questionnaire could be downloaded and filled out on your computer. After that, please send it to: or NECU, P. O. Box 89, Kyiv-25, 01025. Besides that the questionnaire could be filled out on-line. Amount of information that could be sent is unlimited.

This information will be processed and included to database that will be available on-line. Data on lily locations will be promulgated only in general to keep them in secret from general public. Information about volunteers who gave the data will be saved and also promulgated.

Later this data will be passed to authors of the State Cadastre of Animals of Ukraine and new edition of the Red Book of Ukraine.

Therefore you can make your own contribution in studying of lily in Ukraine already now.

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